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SECUVANT teams are working for you. Our teams include principle consultants that have over 100 years of combined cyber security experience, as well as security analysts, security consultants, expert incident response analysts and our wonderful office staff. Our collective expertise and commitment to excellence makes us a leading security risk assessment company with the skills to make sure we put you, our customer, first. Have more questions?

Click to email Ryan Layton

Click to email Ryan Layton

Ryan Layton | Chief Executive Officer | Co-Founder

Ryan has over 25 years of IT experience including integration, systems, networking and solutions.  Ryan has a B.S. and an M.S.

Click to email Todd Neilson

Click to email Todd Neilson

Todd Neilson, CISSP | Chief Operating Officer | Co-Founder

Todd has over 30 years of IT/Cyber Security experience working with Fortune 100 companies around the world. Todd has a B.S. and an M.S.

Click to email Jeff Smith

Click to email Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith | Executive Vice President | Business Development

Jeff is a proven business professional with over 35 years of experience starting companies, managing teams and brining in revenue.  Jeff has a B.S. an and MBA


Joe Nelson | Vice President - Managed Network Services

Joe is a seasoned technical services professional with over 16 years experience in the network services industry, over delivering on customer expectations.

Click to email Kevin Howard

Click to email Kevin Howard

Kevin Howard | VP Security Operations | Distinguished Engineer

Kevin is a well known technical expert and professional security hacker.  With over 15 year of experience he guides the Secuvant team of experts and operational excellence.




SECUVANT started when our two owners saw a very large need for enterprise-grade security at small and medium businesses. After years of consulting and working with Fortune 100 companies all over the world on their cyber security and IT needs, it became apparent that even though these companies were spending millions of dollars, they were still getting hacked! 

SECUVANT was founded to provide enterprise-grade security for the SMB market at a much lower cost, providing better solutions and still reducing the risks. Our founders created a complete INDEPENDENT set of solutions to enable businesses using cyber security. Additionally, they saw a need to ENABLE a business with security, not just lock it down and make access and information security difficult. Our trademarked processes and maturity models have never been used in SMB before, until now!

  • Our unique maturity model for SMB shows you where you are at today and how to reduce risks. Beginning with vulnerability scanning, gap analysis and data discovery, our consulting team provides increased transparency into the location and safety of your critical data, as well as the potential risks involved in a breach. 
  • Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service allows SMBs to have security coverage without the high cost of hiring. Get expert advice that takes the big picture into account with a team member who knows your business. 
  • SECUVANT is independent from any vendor, allowing us to give you the RIGHT recommendations, rather than the most expensive. Unlike other security risk assessment companies, our goal is not to sell a product but rather help your business succeed.
  • Complete security operations center (SOC) for managed security at an SMB cost. Our managed security services are delivered via the cloud and updated constantly to maintain vigilance at all times. A wide range of additional features, including built-in reporting and alerts, make compliance with external governance standards easy.
  • Complete vulnerability scanning, data scanning, compliance, governance, policy creation and risk reduction. Our proprietary methodology looks at over 100 areas of your overall cyber security to find weaknesses and develop strategies for remediating them. 

Save Money, Reduce Risk

Ultimately our goal at Secuvant is to give you the tools you need to be a safer, more productive business. We believe that when security services take into account an organization’s industry, working culture and long-term goals, they can enable increased productivity and profits. Unique among security risk assessment companies, Secuvant treats security from the broader context that is required to make business-forward decisions.

Contact Secuvant to Get Started Today

The first step in taking a more proactive approach to your organization’s cyber security is to meet with a SECUVANT team member for a free initial consultation. We’ll help determine where your security currently is, what needs to be done immediately and what is required to position you for longer-term success. Our reputation as a leading security risk assessment business has been based on our ability to provide key insights and creative services at the technology, procedural and policy levels. To learn more about how we can help your organization, call or email our Salt Lake City office today.