Cloud-Based Security Systems

For small- and medium-sized businesses, cloud-based security testing offers a scalable, affordable platform that grows with your business. As part of a comprehensive approach to business-forward internet security, Secuvant offers a wide range of cloud-based services that help you minimize risk and remain vigilant against evolving threats to the integrity of your important data. 

Taking Security to the Cloud


Most businesses today operate at least partially in the cloud — whether it's through online storage, hosted applications or virtual PBX systems. The benefits of cloud-based service models are clear. In the cloud, expanding your infrastructure is easy and affordable, a key consideration for a growing business. Security in the cloud is no different. 

Cloud-based cyber security and digital forensics have the additional advantage of being constantly up-to-date, with no need to install tedious updates or patches. By keeping the amount of work required of your staff to a minimum, a cloud-based security system enables your business rather than hindering it. 


Secuvant's Cloud Services

Cloud security testing and monitoring is an important component of Secuvant's managed services. Our Elastic Security Operations Center (eSOC) gives your organization full visibility into your overall security posture. It provides easy-to-install tools for ongoing endpoint vulnerability scanning, real-time threat detection and incident response. Our systems work across multiple devices, platforms and locations, and they include full mobile support for BYOD offices. We can help you maintain a constant state of vigilance as your business grows and your security and monitoring needs become more complex.

                    Secuvant's Cyber Security Data Sheet 

                   Secuvant's Cyber Security Data Sheet 

Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

One area in which a cloud-based security system is incredibly helpful in achieving your business goals is regulatory compliance. For many smaller organizations subject to HIPAA, PCI-DSS or other requirements, audit preparation is an expensive, time-consuming process. Secuvant's cloud security and monitoring services simplify this, providing you with built-in reporting tools that make passing an audit easy. Find out more by contacting a Secuvant representative directly.

Cloud Security Assessments 

The first step in improving your information security is to meet with a Secuvant team member for a consultation. We will perform a comprehensive scan and review of your overall IT infrastructure, looking at both the technology and the policies you have in place. We'll give you a clear picture of where gaps lie and what the consequences of a breach may be. 

From there, we'll provide you with clear recommendations based on our assessment of your security and your overall business goals. Our cloud-based security services work with your existing hardware, firewall and intrusion detection systems, consolidating resources and providing increased visibility. This saves your team time and money while managing risk more effectively.

Who We Are

Secuvant is an independent Utah-based cyber security consulting firm. Because we have no ties to any hardware or software vendors, we are free to make recommendations based on what's best for your business. We provide all services in the context of business enablement. In other words, we take into account the larger picture of your industry, your long-term goals and your strategies for growth to find security tools that make sense for your organization. 

Start the process by speaking with one of our team members today.