Security is a Program not  Project

The first step in developing a proactive security posture for your organization is to perform a comprehensive information risk analysis. A Secuvant security assessment gives you key insights into the overall resilience of your IT infrastructure, who has access and its ability to protect your sensitive data. From there, we’ll help you make a comprehensive risk management plan that improves your organizational vigilance and positions you for growth in a way that is responsible and secure. 

Secuvant is an experienced managed security service provider to small- and medium-sized businesses in Worldwide with headquarters in Utah and growing. We specialize in accurate information systems security evaluations across multiple locations and platforms, uncovering the threats that were previously invisible. 

On-going Risk Management using Secuvant cyberRPM Web Application to manage Risks and Gaps at no additional cost.

Gap & Risk Assessment with the Secuvant-7 Business Analysis

Too many information security consultants fail to realize how a company’s business goals and cyber security are interconnected. In order to justify the investment, security must support the processes that drive your business. At Secuvant, we begin each technology risk assessment by taking the time to understand the nature of your organization, what your priorities are and where risk lies in a broader sense; to provide you the best cyber risk advisory and strategy possible.

From there, we look inward at the processes, tools and systems you have in place. That way, we ensure that any recommendations we make are firmly grounded in the big picture, rather than the insular world of cyber security. 


The Secuvant Maturity Model

At the core of every information security risk analysis we perform is the Secuvant maturity model. After identifying the sensitive data your organization works with, understanding your business priorities and performing a vulnerability scan, we’ll assign your business a score on a scale of one to five. The Secuvant security maturity model uses both technical tools and business impact analyses to identify the gaps that are putting you at risk. This provides us with a template for moving forward and a goal to work towards as we make recommendations for improvement and create your comprehensive security strategy.

Regulatory Compliance Readiness

One key area in which business interests and technological concerns frequently align is in the management of HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX and other regulatory compliance issues. For businesses that are subject to these regulations, the auditing process is both a time-consuming and often expensive drain on resources. Any consultation that doesn’t fully consider your regulatory compliance needs as part of an overarching security plan isn’t one that benefits your business in the long term. By helping you implement a security intrusion detection system with built-in reporting features, Secuvant can save you money while simplifying your path to regulatory compliance.

Contact Secuvant to Get Started Today with Cyber Risk Advisory and Strategy

From performing an initial vulnerability scan to helping you develop a cyber security business enablement plan that mitigates organizational risk, Secuvant can assist with a wide range of intrusion detection services for your cyber risk strategy. Because we are not a hardware or software vendor, we are free to offer objective advice and consulting that considers your overall security — from both a business and technical perspective. 

For more information about what we do and how we can help your business reach its goals, contact Secuvant to request your initial cyber risk consultation today.