Compliance & Governance Readiness

A company's cyber security policy refers to the combination of technology, training and support available to employees to help reduce the risk of a data breach. All discussions about organizational security, from intrusion detection to regulatory compliance, must begin at the policy level. The right policy can reveal how effective your team is able to do its jobs. This means web policy governance and management is not just about protecting data — it's about providing a tool your business can use to grow and prosper. 

Secuvant offers several services related to Internet security policy enforcement. We provide comprehensive consulting around technological issues, as well as guidance in developing more effective rules at the policy level. We'll work with you to make an overarching plan that moves you forward based on a thorough understanding of your goals. In other words, we supply the map, the car and the driver — all you have to do is drive all you have to do is tell us where you want to go.

Regulatory Compliance Readiness Made Easy

For businesses in healthcare, retail, finance and a wide range of other industries, maintaining compliance with the relevant regulatory standards for privacy and information security is a key business goal. Aside from the hefty fines associated with noncompliance, a serious data breach can cause irreparable damage to your brand and reputation. 

Regulatory compliance with HIPAA, SOX and other standards shouldn't be thought of as a burden. At Secuvant, our consulting services show you how to make compliance align with your business goals through processes and policies that save you money, and provide compliance readiness for your business. 

Our Compliance Services

The first step in taking a more proactive approach to company-wide Internet security policy enforcement is to request a risk assessment from Secuvant. Our experts will review your complete existing security infrastructure, perform a vulnerability scan and gap analysis, and review your internal policies for Internet security enforcement. We'll also assess your business goals from a broader perspective and make recommendations for managing risk more effectively. These can include:

PCI / DSS Security Readiness

Reduce your risks related to fraud and increase your credibility. Secuvant will provide your small business everything you need to be PCI compliant including: PCI Assessment, Remediation and Compliance. We provide you with all the written policies, reports and plans that you need to be prepared. We start with the PCI Risk Analysis and Management plan, include evidence of security efforts including internal and external vulnerability scans, card holder information, data breach analytics, PAN card information scans, and wrap it all together in what you need to do to continue with compliance.  Make PCI compliance easy and cost effective so you can get back to business.

HIPAA Assessment & Compliance

Don't just hire some HIPAA auditor who does not know cyber Security, because once you get the report, now what?  Secuvant provides not only the auditing and information you need but the complete skills to FIX AND MANAGE all security risks.

Small healthcare organizations need to know where they stand.  We provide a cost effective solution for HIPAA compliance that includes data collection, onsite interviews, vulnerability scanning, documenting exceptions and all the needed policies and procedures. We deliver to you all the reports, Risk Analysis, Risk Profile and a Certificate of compliance from Secuvant, with a complete HIPAA management plan.  Don't just audit, enable your business with Secuvant.

FFIEC Readiness Assessment

If you are small bank or credit union, or one of the big financial institutions you need to manage to the FFIEC security requirements.  Secuvant will help you determine your Cyber Security Maturity Level and show your Risk Profile.  Our extensive process not only does the assessment and auditing but we will create you a remediation plan and a strategic cyber security enablement document. When the examiners come in you will not only be prepared, but you can save your company, and IT staff, valuable time and money by allowing Secuvant to do the heavy lifting.  Enterprise grade solutions that not only audit, but actually fix and manage the security issues.  Compliance is not equal to security. Let Secuvant help you with both.

Overall Security Gap & Risk Assessment

Compliance is not equal to Security.  You need to understand the broader issues that address more than just a check box on some survey or form.  Secuvant provides a unique Security Maturity Model Score and a complete Risk Management Program, not just some auditing report. You get actionable information and a complete security strategy and plan to fix all the gaps and risks.  Engage the Gap & Risk Assessment first to save you money on your cyber security in the long term.

Managed Security to Implement the Plan

Secuvant's managed security services are an ideal choice for any small or medium business that wants to take the work out of risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. We’ll provide you with a flexible, scalable cloud-based platform that delivers full transparency and situational awareness. Our managed services simplify your internal security policy enforcement needs and include full reporting and tracking features that make it easy to pass an audit of any kind.

Security Leadership and Risk Management Program

One you have your assessment plan and reports you need some way to manage the risk reduction process.  The gap between security enablement and the actual technical controls you need is Risk Management.  It is a program not a project.  You need someone with expert cyber security risk knowledge to help you eliminate the risks and minimize your gaps.  Our experts bring leadership and experience, balanced by a firm grounding in the realities of your industry. We want to help you develop policies and systems that are stronger and easier to keep secure. 

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Technology policy enforcement is just one way an organization's security policies interact with its business goals. At Secuvant, our approach to cyber security is business-first. We believe in empowering our customers to grow by helping them mitigate risks and manage responsibilities, both through the use of technology and at the procedural level. 

To request a consultation with one of our Internet security policy consultants, contact our team today.