Information Security Assessment in a Business-first Context

Secuvant's breach analytics are an important ally when making big-picture decisions about your information security. While our vulnerability scanning and gap analysis services look closely at the systems, processes and people that put your data at risk, a comprehensive information systems evaluation provides the wider context around these risks. It’s a tool that is necessary to plan and prioritize effectively.

As with any business decision, the bottom line is an important consideration in information security. Too many data evaluation companies look only at the technology and fail to see the further-reaching impacts their suggestions have. Secuvant is different because any recommendations we make are firmly grounded in the realities of your business — including both your current budget and plans for future growth.

Determining the Value of Digital Property

Not all data is created equal. Understanding your organizational security needs requires knowing what the cost will be if your information is compromised. In many small businesses, the decision-makers about information security — those who set the budget and allocate the resources — are non-technical executives. Evaluating and determining the monetary implications of a breach provides you with a better way of contextualizing the value of investing in security. This, in turn, leads to smarter decisions that are based not on the latest tech trends but on the real facts of your business.

How Secuvant Can Help


Secuvant offers a number of services that put the business value of digital information in terms that makes sense. After performing a vulnerability scan and gap analysis, the logical next step is to take that intelligence and use it to develop a plan for moving forward. Determining the value of digital property lets you put technical resources where they need to be, change policies and processes on the ground in a meaningful way, and create a more advanced and effective security posture overall.

To accomplish this, we can provide sophisticated metrics that show you where intellectual property, credit card data and other personal information are located as well as their most pressing threats. Our breach intelligence services use vulnerability detection and data discovery to identify potential targets and determine the lines of attack most likely to be used against them. 

Data at risk

While the majority of data breaches are discovered by external parties, Secuvant enables you to know today where and what sensitive data is unprotected. Protect your data from extrication and use including credit cards and personal information.

Breach intelligence

Because Secuvant integrates data discovery and vulnerability detection, intelligence enables you to know what system storing the data is most likely to be penetrated and how.  Knowing where the bad guys are targeting, and patching up the holes allows proactive controls.

Pound of prevention

It is less costly to prevent a breach than to clean up after one. Secuvant illustrates your liability exposure in dollars. CxO ready for boardroom presentations and used for remediation prioritization with security operations.  Show your customers and INCREASE REVENUE with your own Security Posture console.

SECUVANT CYBER7: A Business Enabling Approach to Security


A Secuvant information security assessment translates vague ideas about security into plausible scenarios with real financial implications. We can put our findings into boardroom-ready presentations that clearly outline the long-term value of making security a priority.

At the core of everything we do is a belief that cyber security should be proactive, rather than reactive. We offer IT services for small- and medium-sized businesses that make sense for your budget. After performing an information systems evaluation, we'll put together a plan consisting of a combination of policy changes, infrastructure upgrades and managed services as necessary. This plan will help you remain vigilant against threats while enabling your team to stay productive and your business profitable.

As an experienced, full-service data evaluation company for Utah and beyond, we can help you manage risk organization-wide while setting a path for growth. Get started with Secuvant by requesting a free consultation with one of our team members today.