Data Loss Prevention Services 

Data discovery is one of the key tools Secuvant uses for our gap analysis services. Data discovery involves a thorough assessment of the information stored across your IT infrastructure. A data protection consultation attempts to answer several key questions, including:

  • What data is valuable or sensitive?
  • What are the risks inherent in your current security posture?
  • What would be the financial and/or reputational impact of a breach?

Knowing the answers to these questions is important. It helps you make more pragmatic decisions about the way you store your data and the security measures you have in place to protect it. 

Why Data Discovery Matters

The vast amount of information being stored in on- and offline databases means that, even in smaller organizations, an accurate picture of your overall data vulnerability can be difficult to determine. Secuvant's data protection analysis services provide you with the intelligence you need to move forward. 

Too often, security consultants will take a "one-size-fits-all" approach to loss prevention, suggesting expensive technological upgrades and infrastructural improvements without considering what the impact of a breach will actually be. Not only is this over-prescriptive, by failing to consider the specifics of your business and the nature of your industry, it potentially overlooks important data and intellectual property.

Secuvant's Data Protection and Enforcement Services

Ultimately, you can't protect what you don't know is there, and you can’t make informed choices about cybersecurity without an accurate picture of the risks involved. Information discovery is just one of Secuvant's data loss prevention tools. It works across multiple platforms and devices to identify where your data is being stored. Beyond that, we look at the larger picture to gain a more accurate understanding of how a breach can affect your bottom line, whether it's through financial loss, reputational damage or the compromise of important intellectual property and other business intelligence.

What data do you have?

Your data can be scattered anywhere now that it can be stored anywhere.  Employees at home, coffee shops, airports and remote offices can all control and create data that is critical to your business.  Discovery tools are essential.

Financial impact of data

Your business relies on the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data.  Without it, your bottom lines is impacted.  Financial reports are even just data themselves.  Customer lists? Intellectual Property? Business Plans?  Do you know the impact of losing your data?

Integrated solutions

Using Secuvant's solutions you can discover your data, prevent data breaches and all the while locking down your vulnerabilities all to reduce risk in one integrated set of tools at a cost that is less than a night out per host.  We manage your security so you can manage your business.

Integrated Services That Work for Your Business

Secuvant's database security services are based on an informed understanding of where your sensitive data lies, how it's being protected and what you stand to lose in a breach. From there, we can make recommendations on both the technology and policy levels that allow you to mitigate risk and position yourself for responsible growth. 

We specialize in integrated, business-enabling services that save you money by increasing the usability of your systems and the productivity of your staff. This can involve suggesting an integrated hardware package, providing managed monitoring and reporting services or helping you develop newer, more proactive internal data governance policies. 

What Makes Secuvant Different?

Secuvant is a leading data protection consultation company for Utah and surrounding areas. We do not sell or develop hardware, which means any recommendations we make are based on what's best for your business, rather than our need to meet a sales quota. We employ a proprietary suite of data loss prevention tools, including our own security maturity model. They provide accurate risk assessments that take into account your business's IT infrastructure on a granular level as well as the larger context of your long-term goals and the nature of your industry.

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