"I Just Discovered a Breach. What Now?!"

Contact your legal counsel first, and then contact Secuvant for assistance! If you want more information to determine why, how and what a hack looks like before calling, read on, and then Contact Us to put together an aggressive and immediate service package to resolve your security issues, and create a strong prevention program for the future!

Got Hacked? How to Avoid Risk and Damage Through Proactive Security Management

Cyber security attacks against small- and medium-sized businesses are becoming increasingly common as hackers realize that few organizations have taken appropriate steps to protect themselves. While many small business owners think their size makes them less of a target, it's precisely this lack of an appropriate understanding of the risks that makes them vulnerable. The fact is, for every Target, Sony or other high-profile hacking victim, there are countless smaller businesses that have suffered financial losses, reputational damage and other expensive consequences.

Why Hacks Happen

Even the best designed security system isn’t 100% secure. Once you’ve put in place the most advanced threat detection tools and refined your processes to minimize the possibility of human error, there’s still the chance that some new and currently unidentified form of attack will expose you to risk. While there is no way to fully anticipate certain threats, the measure of a good cyber security incident management system is your organization’s ability to respond to breaches when they occur. 

Advanced situational awareness is key in this regard. When you know your systems, and it’s as simple as possible to access status updates and other information, you will be better able to contain the damage of a data breach. Organizations that don’t prioritize network security can go hours or even days before realizing they’ve been hit — all the while incurring increasing costs and more embarrassing bad publicity.

Hacker Intrusion Detection Solutions

Secuvant is a Utah based managed security service provider and incident management firm that specializes in providing cost-effective hacking detection and prevention services for SMBs. Each of our security services contains extensive, viable clean-up and reaction plans that not only quickly identify and remediate threats, but they also give you tools to learn from these incidents and become a stronger organization overall. 

Specific cyber security incident management services we offer include:


A vulnerability assessment lets you know where in your network risks lie so you can take corrective action when — or ideally, before — an attack occurs. When vulnerabilities are exposed, scanning allows you to allocate resources faster and more effectively. Secuvant provides both one-time and ongoing vulnerability monitoring. We can accurately detect threats across multiple platforms and systems, providing a full report with recommendations for addressing any shortcomings we identify.

Vulnerability Assessment Scanning: 

For a complete security-as-a-service solution, Secuvant's managed security services contain everything you need to enable your business with cyber security services for hacking detection and prevention. We offer affordable plans featuring intrusion detection and log correlation, as well as alerts and reporting that help you stay compliant with HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory standards. Contact our office and let us put together a package that addresses the unique security needs of your business.

Managed Services:


Proactive Information Systems Threat Support

Different organizations have different cyber security incident management needs. At Secuvant, we understand certain solutions may not be appropriate in smaller or specialized organizations. To offer truly customized service to all our clients, we are a fully independent consultant with no ties to any specific security technology. This allows us consult without influence and identify the right information systems threat support solution for you. To get started, contact our Salt Lake City office today.