Co-Managed Security for Business

Secuvant MDR is built on our unique business enablement model with enterprise grade technology, certified security experts and our integrated threat intelligence platform to protect clients from attacks 24x7.  Our experts serve as an extension of your team.  We don't sell products so we don't push technology on you like others do.  We help prevent, detect and respond to threats.  Our services are delivered in a wide range of options: fully outsourced, co-managed, managed detection and response and reporting only.

For a small- or medium-sized business on a budget, managed security services present a cost-effective alternative to just performing SIEM and log management in-house. Secuvant offers a range of services that make it easy to correct current vulnerabilities, position yourself for safe growth in the future and maintain an overall safer and more productive workplace. 

At Secuvant, we don't recommend services that are one-size-fits-all or narrow in scope. Unlike other IT security consulting firms, we take a holistic approach, offering customized packages that reflect the realities of your business and proactively enable your success in the future.

Our Philosophy: Managed Security to Enable Your Business

Most SIEM and log management companies take a "lock down and prevent" approach to information security, and just simple "glass watchers." While this can be somewhat effective at preventing breaches, as a business tool, it is highly limited. Security in an organizational framework shouldn't come at the expense of productivity — that's why the services we offer go beyond technology to encompass your people and your processes. We consider all three within the larger framework of your business goals.

When we begin working with a new client, we provide a comprehensive vulnerability scan and information security analysis first. This allows us to identify where the holes in your current security posture are, what potential risk scenarios look like and what the impact would be on your business if there were a breach. With this intelligence, we can make recommendations for allocating resources where they are most needed. This avoids buying unnecessary technology or implementing policies that slow your productivity.

Log Collection & Correlation

Secuvant correlates and store logs from multiple sources. Full-text search across trillions of events in split seconds. Any log or event type is supported. We watch all your network and end-point devices to prevent breaches.


Intrusion Detection

Includes in-network sensors with support for the security policy enforcement with IP and domain reputation lists -or- integrate with an existing IDS/IPS solution, like Nessus, that Secuvant can also manage for greater visibility. 


Alerts and Response

You want to know what is going on with your business. We provide  multi-conditional, cross-correlated alarms with customizable actions and on-demand or scheduled reporting. Summarize and identify important events by experts so you don't have to.

Complete IT Security Managed Detection & Response (MDR), Not Just Logs

We do much more than just 'glass watching.'  Our SEIM and log management services provide visibility and control over your security posture, while giving you the tools necessary to remediate threats as they occur. Using our cloud-based eSOC technology, we can provide remote vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, IP Reputation, Threat Analytics and log correlation services, which deliver exceptional transparency over all of your end-point devices. 

We also can monitor all network based traffic at the packet level giving complete real-time insight to all threats and critical security issues.  We can now see all 'East-West' and 'North-South' traffic on your network to truly catch all risk issues and provide complete incident response with kill-chain recommendations for remediation.  You want a team that is ACTIONABLE, not just someone giving you an alert from some logs.


Using a combination of recognized best practices, innovative partnerships, proprietary intellectual property and state-of-the-art tools, we give you more advanced control over the systems and devices you have in place already. We consolidate services and provide more sophisticated reporting and alerting functions without a large investment in new hardware. 

We focus exclusively on technology security management and consulting, rather than sales of new hardware. As a result, any recommendations we make are based on a measured consideration of what's best for your business, rather than a sales quota. 

Make an Investment in IT Security Monitoring

For a small business, SIEM control services should be thought of as an investment rather than an expense. The safer and more proactive you are — and the easier it is for your team to do its work while maintaining this posture — the more profitable you will be. 

Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses, with more than 50% of attacks occurring against organizations with fewer than 2,500 team members. Mitigating these risks while managing the challenges of growth requires partnerships with advanced IT security consulting firms that know how to put your business first. 

Secuvant is a Utah-based technology security management firm with an advanced grasp of the needs of small and medium businesses. Contact our office today to learn more about our SIEM security, log management and other services.