Virtual CISO Consulting and Security Awareness Training

Think only large businesses can afford the expertise of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)? Think again. With Secuvant's virtual CISO services (vCISO), all organizations can benefit from expert cyber security guidance that takes into account the larger context of your business's working culture, priorities and long-term goals. 

How Is a vCISO Different From a Security Consultant? 

Whereas a security consultant looks at your IT infrastructure from a purely technical standpoint, a business cyber security consultation from a Secuvant vCISO places technology in the larger context to enable your organization's success. Too often, recommendations by security consultants are based on the latest trendy tech rather than a nuanced understanding of how your organization works. As a result, these recommendations often end up being cumbersome, redundant or difficult to onboard.

A virtual CISO avoids this. Our team members bring a wealth of on-the-ground experience to every consultation. We look at the technology, the processes and the people that make up your overall security posture, as well as your overarching business goals and priorities. Rather than taking a "lock down and prevent" approach, we believe cyber security should be proactive, enabling your team to streamline their workflows and stay productive, while staying safe.

How Our Process Works

Our information security consulting services begin with a comprehensive enterprise architecture assessment, based on a proprietary methodology that looks at over 100 aspects of your overall organizational vigilance. We then can assign a score on the Secuvant maturity model to determine the best way forward. We'll provide you with a full breakdown of the threats against your sensitive data as well as the potential monetary and reputational impact of a breach. This allows you to make more informed decisions and prioritize resources in high-risk areas.

Once our initial assessment is complete, our virtual CISO advice helps you manage the challenges associated with growth. As your business expands, the threats against it will change. Using the expertise of our team members, we will advise on how to leverage best practices, sophisticated modeling and other tools to improve your overall vigilance without compromising productivity.

Helping You Solve Complex Security Issues

Secuvant's virtual CISO services can take many forms, including:

Security Leadership


Taking the lead on IT security allows you to make more effective decisions from the top-down. Too often, security decisions are made on an ad-hoc basis. Our Chief Information Security Officer advice better positions you to make smart choices that enable your business rather than hinder it.

CIO Board Readiness Prep


The more informed you are about your security posture — from both a technical and economic standpoint — the better prepared you will be to make a case before a CIO board. With the support of board members, you can move your agenda forward and manage risk more effectively.


Cyber Team Mentoring


A stronger, better-trained team means being able to delegate tasks and responsibilities with confidence. Our security awareness training services build the overall capacity of your team and give them tools to make smart decisions that contribute to your overall business goals.

For more information about our services, contact Secuvant today. Based in Salt Lake City, we provide CISO consulting and SIEM monitoring in Utah and beyond. Call our office to book a consultation today.